Sand Lab:

Sand inspections are of utmost importance due to the effect of the qualifications of the moulding sand and core which are pretty significant in casting processes on the part surface quality and the rate of wastage due to core and sand moulds.

By using the latest system Simpson brand testing devices in the sand labs in order to improve the performance of all processes, make the satisfaction of our customers, employees and all of our other stakeholders last and increase it;

  • Sand sieve analysis
  • Combustion loss amount
  • Active clay
  • Volatile substance amount
  • Total clay amount
  • Compactibility
  • Humidity determination
  • Ph and conductivity determination
  • Gas permeability
  • Wet compression-cutting-crushing resistances for core and sand
  • Incoming quality controls in the commissioning of new products

Are checked periodically.

Metalography Lab:

The products (Gray and Nodular cast) that are made at our company are put through all kinds of chemical, physical and metalographic tests and are archived as per the burden sample standards. Analysis evaluations, microstructure checks, hardness tests, shear and elongation tests are conducted at each pot.

  • Spectrometer Q4 Tasman 130 brand (29 Element + N )
  • Leica brand microscope with 100x optic magnification
  • Metkon brand cutting device
  • Metkon brand sanding and polishing device
  • Metkon brand sanding device for spectrometer preparation with a fixing plate
  • Nüve Furnace brand high temperature furnace
  • Binder brand drying oven
  • Various types of hardness measurement devices including fixed and portable

are used for the controls of the gray and nodular casting parts.