Integrated Management Systems Policy

TÜMOSAN MOTOR, TÜMOSAN DÖKÜM, and TÜMOSAN TEKNOLOJİ MÜHENDİSLİK; for the implementation and enhancement of the effectiveness of Integrated Management Systems;

  • Continuously improving in every activity of the company encompassing the Integrated Management System,
    • Utilizing product and production technologies that ensure the safety of the environment and all stakeholders,
    • Maintaining the local and national identity feature in products while meeting customer expectations,
    • Compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System, laws, regulations, and standards,
    • Eliminating hazards, anticipating risks, and planning corrective measures for all activities,
    • Providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injury and health impairment related to work,
    • Consulting and involving employees and their representatives in the workplace,
    • Protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution,
    • Preserving information integrity, ensuring information security and confidentiality,
    • Providing necessary resources for effective and efficient results with fair and impartial complaint management,
    • Observing energy performance in the supply processes of efficient products/services, product development, and production processes,
    • Ensuring the availability of information and necessary resources for achieving objectives and goals,
    • Managing critical assets and risks effectively in the value chain to provide sustainable services.

We commit and declare this as the Integrated Management Systems Policy.