Integrated Management Systems Policy

  • The objective of our Integrated Management System is to continually enhance the quality of our services with a customer-centric approach and fulfill our responsibilities towards society, the environment, and our stakeholders.
  • Managing all our processes with principles of honesty, transparency, and equity to achieve sustainable values.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by addressing customer needs and expectations in product and service delivery, and promoting the communication of customer feedback.
  • Impeccably implementing and continually improving the principles and requirements of the integrated management system in all our operational areas.
  • Recognizing that our most valuable asset is our human resources, we invest continuously in our employees to build a competent team, enhancing employee quality and satisfaction to the highest level.
  • Complying with occupational health and safety and environmental legislation principles in all our activities, ensuring adoption by all our employees.
  • Ensuring sustainable resource utilization to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
  • Developing and implementing processes to reduce carbon emissions throughout our production and service processes.
  • Applying environmentally friendly technologies in new projects and investments.
  • Enhancing efficiency and reducing energy consumption and natural resource usage through improvements in current processes and systems.
  • Providing adequate resources and continuous review to achieve energy-related objectives and targets.
  • Increasing awareness among all stakeholders about renewable energy and climate change and developing energy efficiency projects that support the principle of sustainable development.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and customer needs and expectations, along with the continuity of our products and services in conjunction with legal regulations.
  • Proactively managing and embracing environmental dimensions for compliance with all relevant legal regulations and applicable standards.

The Upper Management of TÜMOSAN Foundry Inc. commits to the realization, review, and continuous improvement of practices related to Integrated Management Systems.