The Turkish metal sector which is in first place in Europe and in seventh place in the world in terms of production capacity makes a strong impression with its 25-billion Dollar export. Hüseyin Köylü, the TÜMOSAN Döküm Factory Manager who states that Turkey will turn the raw material and energy crisis in the world into an opportunity, said, “Europe is closing down its casting factories. Supply and production are shifting to countries like Turkey, Poland and Romania. The sector is wide open”.

TÜMOSAN Döküm, one of Turkey’s select casting factories, marked the ANKIROS-TURKCAST Expo which took place at Istanbul TÜYAP. TÜMOSAN Döküm, an Albayrak affiliate which Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, and Hasan Büyükdede, the Deputy Minister also visited, aims to increase its capacity. Hüseyin Köylü, the TÜMOSAN Döküm Factory Manager who commented on the latest developments about the company and the sector, said that the factories in Europe were closing down and that Turkey is going up to an advantageous position.


Köylü, who states that TÜMOSAN Döküm started production in 2012 and achieves an annual net production of 25 thousand tons, commented, “We carry out the motor and chassis castings of TÜMOSAN brand tractors. We carry out the castings of motor parts. We get a great deal of orders in our company. And one of the reasons for this large demand is the energy issue in addition to the raw material crisis in Europe. Europe is closing its factories down one by one. The sector is shifting its production and supply to countries like Turkey, Poland and Romania. And Turkey is wide open as workmanship is of quality and affordable. And we aim to increase our investment in order to catch up with this demand”.


Köylü, who states that the quality standards are high for TÜMOSAN Döküm which conducts castings for TÜMOSAN Traktör which makes 75 thousand motors and 45 thousand tractors annually, said, “We provide services with our machines with capacities of 1, 1 and a half and 2 tons. TÜMOSAN Döküm is a customer-oriented company that has a grasp of the sector’s technical and environmental standards, is aware of its social responsibilities, appreciates the health of the environment, nature and the human, is always open for improvement, uses advanced technology and makes production at international standards. We act with the vision of increasing the amount of contribution to the country economy, industry and employment with the current capacity increase and new investments, and of becoming a leading casting company that leads the sector on a global scale.


Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, and Hasan Büyükdede, the Deputy Minister who inaugurated the fair made a courtesy visit to TÜMOSAN Döküm. Varank and Büyükdede, who were informed by Halim Tosun, the TÜMOSAN General Manager; Bülent Bolat, the Purchasing Manager; and Hüseyin Köylü, the Casting Factory Manager, wished the continuation of their success. As for İbrahim Anıl, the Hannover-Messe Ankiros Fair Organization General Manager who underlined the significance of the fair said, “The fact that the Ankiros, Annofer and Turkcast fairs are considered among the most important organizations not just of our country but also Europe and Asia is our source of pride. The attendance of a total of 1047 attendants including 579 foreign organizations from 45 countries is proof of the importance of the sector in our country for the economy.”